Macro Monday

Thursday will be the 1st official day of Summer and it’s already TOO HOT! I have been busy, planting, transplanting and trying to keep the kids entertained. I also been busy with summer sessions and am currently booking for July and August right NOW! Keep that in mind if you are wanting to book a summer session! Now if I could borrow some time I would be all set!

Happy Monday everyone! <3



Macro Monday – Lilac

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day! The weather here was SOOO nice! Really a perfect day!


I LOVE lilac’s! There are these lilac bushes at the end of our drive that bloom every spring. I look forward to them blooming every yr. This yr though, they were a sad story! Because the weather was so wonky we had our spring about 3 weeks early. They started to bloom, then frost came and well, they died.  :(  I thought more would bloom again and there were some but not nearly as many as there usually is.  I did manage to get a couple of shots but wasn’t able to do with them what I wanted. I have to be careful when I bring them into the house as my hubby is very allergic to them and he gets sick every time.  So between that and the poor blooms I just didn’t get to photograph these the way I wanted to.

It’s hard to believe that its’ the middle of May already! Summer is almost here, kids will be out of school soon and now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your session booked! Summertime fills up fast and is always filled with Summer adventures. We are even getting our family photos taken in June! I need to start planning what we are going to wear! I do have to admit, it’s going to feel very strange for me to be in front of the camera. But I know the memories that will be captured will be treasured forever!



Macro Monday – Purple Leaf Sand Cherry

One of my FAVORITE flowering trees is the Purple Leaf Sand Cherry. I LOVE it’s color! I can never take enough photos of it and am sad when the blooms end. I’m always on the hunt for these at spring time and this yr was no exception!

On another note, I have started my planting…The field still needs to be seeded but I have started a couple flower beds around the house and planted some seeds in my “fake” green house. I got my big shipment in today and plan on planting some of them tomorrow. I am very excited for what this will all produce, as I am sure you can tell!



Macro Monday – Blue Poppy Anemone

Guess what? Macro Monday is BACK!   I put it on hold for a few months due to the holidays, then my lens and camera both needed to be repaired. Then we hardly had any winter. Basically no snow, which made me really sad. The weather has been very unusual these past few months. I hope Mother Nature figures out what she wants soon!

Spring is in full swing and I have been busy updating my product line and booking sessions. May is going to be a busy month between sessions, baseball games and every day life! I’m loving every minute and can’t wait to capture beautiful memories for you!

I also plan on making a field of flowers in my own back yard. I have been researching what I want and how it will all grow together! I am rather excited about it. Hopefully it will take and I can keep them all alive;)I am not the best at it for sure! This here is a Blue Poppy Anemone. I LOVE LOVE Anemone’s, they are so delicate and beautiful! I plan to plant a lot more like these this year as well! This is the only one up so far, maybe there will be more, but I can’t say for sure! Happy Monday everyone!


Kayla RencklyMay 1, 2012 - 11:39 am

these are my absolute favorite flowers! now if you had them in red I’d be hanging it on my wall tomorrow ;)

March is almost here

Can you believe March is almost here…..I know I say it a MILLION time but WOW time sure does fly! I have been busy working behind the scenes to make things work better for me. Sprucing up my Investment Guide, organizing my computer and my online stuff (like bookmarks), let me tell you was the ever a chore! WOW! Now they are all nicely in folders where they can be easily found! I have deleted over 100 GB so far and switched things over to an external plus much more. I hope I keep on track because it feels really good to get these things accomplished!

Considering my Valentines challenge was over more then a week ago now, I thought I would post the last half of my macro Valentines shots. Right now my Macro is in the shop and I miss her dearly! She is my baby lens for sure!


Don’t forget only a couple more days to take advantage of my buy 2 get one free sale in my etsy shop! I recently added these 2 pictures that I found while cleaning out my nature / still life folder. So much in there that I have not even edited or touched (this is what we call OVER SHOOTING);)  Here is the link to my etsy store:



And without further ado here are the last parts of the Valentines Images! ENJOY!


Raspberry Milk


Blocks of Love


Love Stamps


Sprinkles of Love


Squishy Heart


Class Valentines


Bowl of Hearts



My Valentines Orchid



F i n d   m e   o n   F a c e b o o k
B u y   P r i n t s   H e r e