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Goodbye Summer…..Hello Fall

Summer is gone and fall has offically started! I for one can’t be more happy about this! I am so happy that I live somewhere were we have all 4 season. Each one is special and unique in it’s own way. With each new season I feel a sense of change and starting over. A […]

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Sweetness perfectly describes them. This baby boy is so sweet, I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with them and capturing the sweetness between all of them. I can’t get enough!      

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Payton’s race for a cure

Please join us for the 3rd annual Payton’s race for a cure on Saturday October 1st. It will be taking place at Grattan Raceway, were there will be lots of activities for the whole family. I am proud to be able to donate some of my products that go towards this wonderful charity. Mitochondrial Disease […]

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Beautiful Anticipation

Anticipation: who will our baby look like? Will he/she be a good baby or cray a lot? What color eyes will they end up having? These are all questions that I am sure every expecting parent asks themselves. Then when they finally arrive you can’t imaging loving another human being as much as you love […]

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Dancing in the Sun

This pretty much describes this session.   They danced…they tickled…they read stories…they loved…  Sometimes sessions hit you more then others. Not because they are not great or one is better then the other but just because you come across a family and think, they really truly love life and each other. This family is individually […]

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