Choosing the right photographer for you

I think the title really says it all! When you think of photography think of it as an investment. This is something that even I have struggled with, in fact I’m constantly thinking about my pricing and how to please everyone! The truth is photography is much MUCH more than just pointing a camera and hitting the shutter button! And when I first explored the idea of being a photographer and making  my photography an actual business I was really naive at just how much work really goes into it! I really thought, oh well I can do that no problem…WRONG! The one thing that is hard for me to grasp is that I truly LOVE photography with every being of my soul! I’m so passionate about it, that sometimes it’s hard to charge anything for taking someones pictures. I get so much joy out of watching people interact. There is nothing more rewarding than to  capture that moment between mom and daughter or for a couple to embrace their newborn baby. And when I hand over their prints to them and they smile from ear to ear as a tear runs down their face, it really makes my heart smile more than anyone will ever know. But because I am so passionate about it, I tend to under cut myself as well. I have spent countless hrs chained to this computer, learning, editing and doing everything that it takes to become who I am today and to constantly stay on top of the game. I have put everything I have into having the best equipment and  best editing software. I’m always watching out for the latest product that I think my clients will love. If I actually put it all down on paper on how much money and time I have really put into this business I would probably faint, and probably never really tell my husband, lol!  But with everything good in life, sacrifices are made as well!  But it takes more than just that stuff the material things. It’s takes a certain eye and perspective on thing. It’s way more than just a click. Making sure your light is right or your subject is positioned correctly it’s a true learning experience and with EVERY SINGLE session I have I learn something new! EVERY SINGLE ONE! And that is what makes me better, learning what works and what doesn’t work. I always give my customers the best service and invest in them, in them personally by getting to know them and building a relationship with them! They are more than just clients to me they are my friends. I am so fortunate to truly love what I do but at the same time I have realized that I need to be compensated for my time and for the money that goes out as well. It’s like any other job, your job. You want to get paid for what you do at your job, right? You are worth it, as I am worth it too! I understand with this economy we are all struggling and it’s hard to make ends meet especially when your living paycheck to paycheck. And lets face it, there are a lot of us who are doing  just that! I have done lots and LOTS of research around here to see where I fit as far as pricing go. And I know I’m not the cheapest but I also know that I’m not the most expensive either. And I always go back to “you get what you pay for”. Now I know that I am not the right photographer for everyone and that is good! There are so so many wonderful photographers out there, I believe there is room for everyone!

What photography means to me: It means capturing the moments in life that sometimes get taken for granted . It means capturing that little laugh on a grumpy day. It means catching that last bit if sun before it goes down. It means clicking the shutter button and realizing that you just got an amazing shot that my client is going to treasure it  forever. You know the one that they will show to their grandchildren? I try to make my clients as relaxed as possible to get the most candid moments of their lives. None of this “okay say cheese everyone”. Not that there is something wrong with it, it’s just that sometimes that’s not how you get the “non cheese” smile! Life is so precious, in fact back here a couple of months ago I have a dear friend who was doing a session for a family and the grandfather passed away while she was doing their session. She caught the very last moments of his life and the very last moments that he will ever share with his family. Live is to precious to just watch it all slip away! Now of course this was a very rare situation and I don’t write this post because I think that you might die tomorrow. But your kids are only young once, that newborn is only little for a few weeks. Don’t wait, and if it’s not with me, then do it with someone else! I promise you won’t regret it.

With all of this being said, and yes I know I have said A LOT! And I don’t want to sound like I’m being pushy or trying to give anyone a guilt trip because that is not the meaning of this post at all. The meaning of this post is to get my clients to understand the real value of a photograph. And all the hard work that goes into it. I know it’s not a necessity and that is why a lot of people put it on the back burner. Or wait until a certain time of yr. I also what to let my clients know that I take what I do very seriously and that I’m just not the average girl down the street who owns a nice camera. I put my everything into this and everything into making the moment special for you!

Over the next couple of weeks I will be re-vamping and working on my pricing and trying to make things a little easier for everyone. I am going to make everything as easiest as possible, and I know that I can’t please everyone, but I want everyone to have a wonderful experience. So please bare with me while I make a few changes. My actual pricing won’t change much at all mainly just my packaging and what is listed in them. However, the one thing that will change is my session fee. As of  November 1st my session fee will go from $75 to $125. If  you book and pay for your session BEFORE October 31st, then you will still be able to use my old sitting fee of $ 75. Now that doesn’t mean your session has to be held before November 1st it just has to be paid for by then. And for those of you who are in the middle of scheduling or have sent out your deposit, don’t worry because nothing will change. Everything that I have told you or given you will stay the same!

And because I think no post is complete with out a you go!! Thanks to everyone for stopping by and enjoy!!

shannon kelleySeptember 3, 2010 - 8:19 pm

Love this Summer and so get it! You are SO worth more than even your new price!!! Girl, you have an amazing gift and I love your pictures! Next time I’m anywhere near Michigan I’m having you do my family’s pictures!!!

LaurelSeptember 3, 2010 - 8:28 pm

YOU said it all PERFECTLY!!!!
YOU hit the nail on the head…
Everything you said is so, so true!!!! Thanks for sharing this! It made me appreciate myself more! I so worry that I will not make everyone happy, but we can’t make everyone happy! As photographers, we just have to remember that we need to continue to be happy doing something we love oh so much!
Would you mind if I shared this on my fan page?

summerSeptember 3, 2010 - 8:29 pm

Sure Laurel, that is perfectly fine!!!

Tyjuana Hill-SmithSeptember 7, 2010 - 5:44 pm

Great article!

Stacey LundSeptember 9, 2010 - 7:25 am

Very nice article!

Jennifer MorseSeptember 19, 2010 - 8:13 pm

i love the series at the end1

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